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I see a new world within his eyes.

A new life forms thru the music in our souls. My path becomes more beautiful with each step I make. New discoveries illuminate before my eyes as I taste the rhythm in his step. 

I Am that I Am from beyond the veil revealing myself in full blown radiance. 

My soul bursts thru bringing form to all the dark places. All of my creations created in the dark unfolds into full bloom, glistening in the light of the sun called IAM.

He compliments my high and I compliment his bass Vibrato. Our harmonies blend to create symphonic poetry. I ride the wave of his bass into heavenly tones of morning dew drops resting upon freshly cut grass. 

I see the winding serpent within his hair, intricately intertwined and weaved like the vines of a willow tree. Eyes deep like the the depths of the ocean conceal a secret beauty hidden from plain sight. But I see the universe within him. Forbidden Kingdom.

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