Crab Bucket Mentality

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Why in our black communities do we work so hard to tare down those of us who are chasing their dreams and making it. Why do we as black people encourage mediocrity amongst ourselves.  We are oppressing each other when we should be working together to build eachother up and creating solutions and opportunities to heal our own ancestral wounds so that we can reverse the generational curse spoken upon us from the slavemasters who enslaved our ancestors. We still carry in our psyche the lies that were spoken upon them in the form of spells deeply rooted like the roots of the willow tree. We have internalized the bondage that is and was taught to us by our family that reeks of accepting the status quo.

During slavery we learned the consequences of escaping the plantation. Every slave was punished for the escape of one and still here we have the same mental construct active today. Blind obedience is the equivalent of the saying, "Ignorance is bliss." Choosing to live in an illusion only serves the purpose of perpetuating mental slavery from one generation to the next. A lot of people when they leave the hood, never return for fear of being sucked back in and trapped or risk retaliation from their own people. 

I experienced some this myself in the neighborhood daycare my kids attended.I made my first and fatal mistake was sharing with the teachers and parents about the fact that I opened up my ecommerce store online and officially became a business owner LLC. The moment I began advertising by word of mouth about my business, instantly I noticed a change. The following week my two youngest children were being sent home every week. Their teachers claimed that they were sick and had runny diapers, but in reality they were fine. I was continually losing 3-4 days off work which was affecting my job and ability to pay bills. These were black people like me. Then I noticed that there was gossip and hate all around me.... Blatant remarks were made about me from the women and parents of the daycare. Then I noticed these same people spreading gossip and hate over into the neighborhood grocery store we all shopped at and so forth. From that point on I became picky about where and who I would advertise to. I thank God I was able to quietly remove my children from the neighborhood daycare and place them in a better daycare with less than no drama. Being the target of hostility put my 9-5 at risk and my ability to survive and maintain my business. Since removing myself and my kids from that negative place, I feel less stress and came away with a valuable lesson that you cannot share your dreams with those who remain in the super slave mentality.

As long as we don't challenge ourselves to dream and to accept failure as a building block to success we will try to destroy those around us who are practicing their craft through to success. Practice makes better, don't kill the seed within your children to reach and grow like the mighty oak toward the sky. Lets not kill and chop off the new growth destined to carry our fruit and vegetation for our souls. 

We can help each other first and foremost by starting with ourselves by tuning into God. Your calling first and foremost will be the result of your testimony and deliverence from your biggest struggles. It is your story and how you overcame and are still overcoming through awareness. The method in how you deliver your story will depend on your style and innate talents that God has equipped you with at birth. If we focus on our own purpose and begin filling our own cup through helping them to overcome we heal our own ancestral wounds, breaking generational curses. We begin to appreciate each other's difference because each unique flavor makes for rich and fulfilling nourishment used to strengthen our community and build eachother up.

Through my experience I became more aware of how deeply the crab in a bucket mentality was engrained in my community. I took some time to reflect and try to understand why and how this happened and decided to start a blog addressing mental slavery. In order to change the paradigm we must be the change that we want to be. Be an example and shine bright for everyone. Propaganda designed and made by our people that exemplify true empowerment will propel us forward in re-educating and dissolving the chains that bind our minds. When you are busy with purpose you don't have room for negative low energy people. The spells that you cast with your speech will sow life into the lives of others and boomerang life back unto you.

Honestly we should be talking about these kind of issues in the church. So often in churches the agenda is just to recruit members but then in return the focus is moved away from creating collective and community wealth and moved toward pastoral wealth. People should not remain stuck and unproductive if you are doing your job as a leader. Instead we have wolves bleeding the sheep dry and people wanting to be lead cloned and controlled. The people as a collective should be encouraged and empowered to use their own talents and wealth of innate knowledge to create and problem solve to resolve community issues. These days you have nothing but beauracracy red tape and regulations designed to keep the status quo. 

However a change can happen through small gatherings of people where critical thinking and spirituality go hand in hand empowering everyone involved to take back power by coming up with solutions and becoming the change that they want to be.  We need to encourage creativity so that we can manifest more than just mediocrity. With both  concepts of creativity and critical thinking going hand in hand a revolution in how we see ourselves and treat eachother will create a powerful impact in us uniting as one and designing a world that works for our good as well.

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