Secret Place

Posted by Brittanae Hagwood on

I transcend their words that shoot like bullets and trample upon the head of the serpent whose lies were transmuted through the blood in my veins.
Like Django, I strike down those who use God's words to enslave and cripple the Great Ones among us. We are of The GREAT I AM clan. Who can define our unbound nature? We are fire incarnated in flesh pulsating through the blood in our veins. 
The great collective of the borgue has an objective to bind and crush the sproutling before its maturity. It is hidden in the great darkness, the great beyond long enough to gain root.
In my silence I quiet the storm in my mind and travel to the great beyond to find the sproutling now grown in maturity and eat the fruit from its branches. My belly swells with life and I give birth to chi. 
Channeling through spirit I create a new path a new world in which my kingdom shall grow.




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