Zodiac Ghost

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I Am That I Am though you despise me and try to bury me alive. 

I Am that I Am even when you shoot down my dreams.

I transcend the super-slave consciousness and rise above the status quo.

Like air I seep through the seams of the machine that incases my soul, I rise above the confines of my programming to create a new world. It is a world designed through magic, the spells that I speak, a world from my imagination. 

I Am that I Am.

I Am the flesh and blood confined behind the mask that the matrix imposes upon me. 

I am the quiet storm compressed within the snake-like vein on my forhead. I am the Narwhal wading in deep waters ready to peirce through all false evidence appearing to be real.

I Am that I Am.

I Am The Holy Ghost here to undo the chains from my ancestral past.  I dissove the shackles from my mind and free my soul. I seep through the nuts and bolts of this machine and transform into a fluid new life form.

 I walk into Canaan Land taking back my inheritance little by little through the continual renewal of my mind.

I write return to sender all poisonous gifts meant for my harm and allow " Karma -the - villain to save the day.

I Am that I Am. 

I Am from the void from beyond the veil residing in deep calm waters, waiting for you to dive into the darkness. If you can stay long enough to have a conversation with us, we will help you to remember us from distant pasts.


I Am that I Am.

I Am the buried treasure chest beneath the ocean floor destined for the one who is brave enough and strong enough to travel into the void.


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