So Who and What is Brittanae Bug Creations All About?

Welcome To Brittanae Bug Creations!

My name Is Brittanae Creator and designer of Brittanae Bug Creations. My clothing designs originated from my artwork listed in the wall art collection and are therefore an extension of those pieces. 
What inspired these designs were a particular time in my life when I was struggling with a unique bundle of difficult circumstances that challenged me to dig really deep within myself.  In fact I delve head first into meditation and was forced to come to terms with who I really was and am. 
There are some things that we will never be able to change about ourselves and truthfully those things that we try so hard to suppress can be our greatest strength if we allow them to be.
In 2015 I began my journey of self discovery by simply accepting my phantom self. There is beauty in the ugly things of life and a lot of times we don't recognize them in ourselves because of how and we've been taught.  Life itself is not a photoshop experience, we can't blot out the scars, pain and hurt that we've experienced. It is through embracing these experiences that truly become more human and Godlike in our interactions with each other.
Shit Happens! But we don,t have to roll over and let life crap all over us.  We have the power to transmute our experience into Gold if we truly believe we possess it. We in return unearth our own worth in the process by owning who we are by being brave enough to be who we truly are 'unmasked' and unapologetic for being authentic and real.
Shit happens but we can do what the dungbeetle does roll that ish and spin it into Gold! Put your Gold Shoes on and Strut Your stuff!